Support Contracts

Key benefits of a support contract with Hague IT

Preventative maintenance to detect and deal with issues before they become business impacting problems
Customer support when you need it via telephone, email, live web discussion or engineer site visit
Fast response to high business impact problems
Low impact problems are dealt with in a timely and cost effective manner
Flexible support hours, designed to minimise business disruption
Support contract tailored to suit your individual business requirements
Prevention is better than cure

At Hague IT we believe that “prevention is better than cure” when it comes to your business IT systems. Instead of reacting to fix a problem if your IT systems fails (and subsequent business disruption that results) it is often possible to detect potential issues at an early stage and take remedial action, before they develop into business impacting problems.

During each scheduled visit our engineers will carry out a variety of checks and tests in order to detect such issues, and will take the necessary steps to resolve them. We call this preventative maintenance (a little like servicing your car) and it forms one of the essential elements of our business support contracts.

High impact problems

Of course not every issue can be detected and resolved at an early stage, and if the worst happens and your business experiences a serious problem you can be assured that Hague IT will respond in a timely manner. If the problem cannot be readily resolved via telephone or online support, an engineer will be despatched to your site to deal with the problem “hands on”.

Low impact problems & routine administration

Not all IT problems require immediate attention, for example if a desktop computer fails (but there is spare available to use) there may be little or no immediate business impact. In order to minimise the number of support hours utilised we may sometimes suggest that low impact problems are dealt with during the next routine engineer visit, although ultimately the decision is yours to make.

Flexibility to work around your business

We appreciate that maintenance of your IT systems can (potentially) be disruptive to your business therefore our engineers are normally available;

This offers two potential ‘windows’ (early & late) for work to be carried out at your site while minimising possible business interruption.

Furthermore work can also be completed outside core hours at your request (e.g. evenings or weekends), though this would attract an additional premium.

Tailored support contracts

At Hague IT we do not offer a ‘generic’ support contract as we recognise that different businesses have different support requirements. Through discussion with yourselves we aim to develop a ‘custom’ support contract which matches your business needs.

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