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Hague IT has been supporting small businesses in the North West of England since June 2002. We have been repeatedly chosen to supply a broad range of IT goods and services to businesses across a variety of industry sectors including education, healthcare and insolvency.

In 2005, Hague IT Limited was established, for the purpose of:

improving the range of IT good and services we are able to provide
expanding the number of businesses we are able to support

Core Principles

We aim to provide cost effective IT services and support
Computers and IT systems are just as critical to a small business as any other, yet for many reasons it is often not viable for small businesses to employ dedicated IT staff. Hague IT can provide the high quality IT systems and support small businesses require for a fraction of the costs of employing full time IT staff.

We talk to our customers using plain English
The IT world is renowned for its technical jargon and is often referred to as having “a language of its own”. Experience tells us that customers often find this confusing; therefore we strive to keep the amount of industry jargon used to a minimum. Instead we’ll take time to explain to you what we are doing in clear, comprehensible English. Our intention is that our customers understand what we are providing for their business at all times.

We strive to develop strong working relationships with our customers
Hague IT do not simply sell boxes. We work hard to develop a strong working relationship with all of our customers, to really understand the nature of their business. Through this approach we are able not only to respond quickly to our customer’s requirements, but also to make proactive recommendations intended to enhance the customers business through effective IT systems.

A single source for all your IT requirements
The myriad of potential suppliers for each part of your IT systems can be quite daunting. Hague IT can provide a single source for all of your IT requirements, from a printer cartridge to a new server. Just let us know your requirements and we can use our experience, expertise, and range of suppliers to provide you with the right solution at a competitive price.

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Support contracts
Affordable. Flexible. Responsive. Still think a support contract is not right for your business? Think again…
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